Underclassman Lose Off Campus Lunch Privileges


Courtesy of Unsplash Photo by Mario Gogh

Maaz Khan , Staff Writer

It’s your freshman year, and you are out with your friends drinking an iced coffee at Dunkin Donuts. Suddenly, winter break ends and now you are back eating in the bleak, noisy cafeteria fully congested with students. 

Due to the recent changes in the new semester, freshmen and sophomores lost their ability to go for off-campus lunch. 

When school first started after the pandemic, for the first time in Glenbard East history, off-campus lunch was available for all students regardless of what grade they were in, due to the need to have more space according to Covid protocols.

 According to Antoine Anderson, Glenbard East Principal, the reason for the changes was due to the fact that the Biester Auditorium had been closed. The space had been under construction resulting in a lack of space and due to the pandemic. The privilege for students to leave school for off-campus lunch was given on a temporary basis until the auditorium was finished. 
Historically, the privilege of leaving for off-campus lunch was limited and was based on student’s attendance, grade point average, year in school, and behavior history throughout the school year. 

Anderson said that off-campus lunch was the safest option for all the students because without the Biester auditorium, students would not have sufficient space to safely consume food throughout the cafeteria due to restrictions created by the pandemic.

Anderson said it would make sense to give freshmen and sophomores the ability to go for off-campus lunch for this period because it would help accommodate the large student base during the pandemic. Currently, the privilege of off-campus lunch is not available to all students. The Biester auditorium has opened up, and things have gone back to how they used to be.