GBN hosts a forum to inform on the election of the school board

Sofi Orozco, Editor in Chief

Students part of the Glenbard North Civics Club will host a School Board Candidate Forum. 

The webinar will be hosted through Zoom on March 25th at 5pm. The flyer provided will include a QR code for a link to the webinar. The flyer also included a QR code where students can submit questions for the candidates.

All eight candidates have confirmed they will be in attendance to answer questions submitted by students. The forum will give students and parents the chance to hear from the candidates directly on issues that are important to them.

“This school board election is important specifically because of the sheer number of candidates running and the number of open seats,” stated Brian Melton, advisor of the GBN Civics Club. 

Four seats for the school board are currently at stake. These seats will likely determine the future of policies in which District 87 schools are run and how students learn.

“There is an ideological contrast between the two slates of candidates running for the four open seats on the board.” Melton stated. “While both slates of candidates want what they believe is best for District 87, they have very differing views on what constitutes that, so it is important to find out what each candidate stands for and how they envision District 87.”

The forum has been organized by students across District 87 as we approach the School Board Election.

All residents living within District 87 are eligible to vote as long as they are registered under Illinois law. This includes seniors that are 18. By joining the Zoom call early at 4:45, information on how to register to vote will be provided.

“While you might be saying to yourself, “But I can’t vote, why should I care?” the answer is that students and parents arguably hold the most stake in a school board’s decision, and therefore your opinion does matter,” stated Melton as he encourages students to get involved. “Knowing who your school board is and holding them accountable to work in the best interest of the students of Glenbard is incredibly important as well as empowering.”

“A board’s decision this year may not impact a senior who is graduating, but it will trickle down throughout the years and impact students who are either just starting their high school careers or are still in middle or elementary school,” states Melton.

Voting on the actual election will take place on April 6th. For more information, visit

Brian Melton

GBE’s Echo will provide a spotlight article on each candidate highlighting the issues and their stance for those unable to attend the event and to help students compare each candidate.