Glenbard East Football Season Concludes


Lauren Wilinski, Graphic Editor

In the first home game at Glenbard East, the JV/Frosh Cheer team performs a stunt as freshman Livy Adams is posing and flying in the air. Although it was a cold night, the team still managed to express and spread a ton of energy.


Number 85, Luke Novak runs across the field at East’s home game. The team was victorious 40-14, carrying on their winning streak.


The defensive team huddles to thwart the Streamwood attack.


Sophomore Stefania Slamkova poses with her Pom-pons thrusted in the air. Behind her, the rest of her JV team cheer “Go Rams” as the JV football team marches to victory.


Fellow Glenbard East students cheer for Luke Novak and Yassin Nabil who both play for the JV football team. The group chant and yell for their classmates at East’s first home game.