Zombie Apocalypse Survey Results: How Would YOU Survive?

Sophie Pieta, Crowd Surfing Editor

We asked Glenbard East students about what they would do in an apocalyptic scenario. If you’d like, read the following questions and decide what you think. Then, open the gallery to view our students’ survey responses. 


How would you find out?

Who would you take with you?

Would you commit a crime (ex. steal, litter, etc) if it meant surviving?

When it’s time to fight zombies, what’s your pump-up song?

How would you fight them?

Hypothetical scenario: You are on the side of a railroad track and there is a lever in front of you, which switches the tracks. As it is, the train will head for the railroad track with the zombified versions of five people who are important to you. The other track has two zombies dragging themselves around, and you don’t know who they were before they were zombified. A train is coming, and you can’t move or interact with any of the zombies, but they are aware of your decision and will react accordingly. Do you switch the lever?

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