Teacher’s pets: get to know your teachers and their pets


Pictured here is Mrs. Schwartz and her dog Rocky.

Mrs. Schwartz

Math teacher 

What’s your pet’s name?

His name is rocky. 

How did you come up with that name?

We named him after the movie. 

When you adopted your pet, what about them stuck out to you and why did you choose them? 

When my husband and I rescued him, we got him as a puppy. And when we brought him home from the rescue, he had the most energy. He was just jumping on us and giving us kisses, and we just kind of knew he was “the one.”

How do you and your family like to spend time with your pet? 

We like to take him for walks and he really enjoys car rides. He loves the sun and flowers: it could be the hottest day of the year and he would lay out in the sun. 

Any interesting facts involving you and your pet?

He is mixed with shepherd, rottweiler and chow. Because he has chow in him, he has a blue — that’s right, blue! — tongue.